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Harwich International Port Limited
Parkeston, Harwich, Essex,
CO12 4SR, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1255 242000
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To be the global market leader in port development, operations and logistics services.


Our vision is to become the port developer, operator and logistics provider of first choice, delivering, to both shippers and carriers, a service that is second to none.


To achieve profitable growth in our port operations and logistics activities, by providing a high standard of performance, innovative solutions and developing long-term relationships with shippers and carriers.


1. Responsibilities:
• To our shareholders - to retain their support by delivering growth in shareholder value.

• To our customers - to win and retain customers by providing and developing services which offer value in terms of price, quality and safety and which are supported by the investment in our facilities and people.

• To our people - to respect the rights of our people; to provide them with good and safe working conditions and competitive rewards related to performance; to invest in the development and best use of talent; to promote equal opportunity employment; to encourage the involvement of our people in the planning and direction of their work and in the application of these principles within HPUK. It is recognised that our commercial success depends on full commitment to and from all of our people.

• To our business partners - to seek mutually beneficial relationships with our joint venture partners, contractors, suppliers, statutory bodies and tenants and to promote the application of these principles in so doing.

• To society - to conduct business as responsible members of the community, to observe our legal and statutory obligations to give proper regard to health and safety and the well being of the environment.

These five areas of responsibility are seen as inseparable. It is, therefore, the duty of the leaders of our business to continually assess these priorities and discharge their responsibilities to the best of their endeavours and on the basis of that assessment.
2. Business Integrity:

We insist on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business. Employees must avoid and resolve conflicts of interest between their private activities and their part in the conduct of Company business. All business transactions on behalf of HPUK must be accurately and fairly reflected in the statutory books of the Company in accordance with established law, standards and audited procedures.
3. Health and Safety:

HPUK has an absolute commitment to Health and Safety and accepts its obligation to protect its employees and other port users. To this end, we set targets for improvements and through a systematic approach measure, appraise and report on performance.
4. The Community:

We seek to be a responsible organisation by behaving in a socially responsible manner and by providing good employment opportunities and conditions. We encourage our people to participate in community and civic affairs. We will continue to contribute to the economic wellbeing and social development of the communities where we conduct business. When dealing with the local community, HPUK has the right and the responsibility to make its position known on any matter which affects the Company, its shareholders, customers, or employees.
5. Communication:

We recognise that open communication is essential. To this end, we will, wherever possible, inform colleagues before we make announcements to external audiences, subject to any overriding considerations of regulation, confidentiality, commercial sensitivity and cost.


Our people should expect from HPUK:

• An exceptional and safe working environment
• Encouragement and support to realise their full potential
• Trust, respect, fairness and empowerment
• The provision of opportunities and training that will result in continuous learning
• Professional Management as well as visible and excellent leadership
• A focus on our customers needs at all times
• Regular open and honest communication across the business
• That their contribution is recognised and rewarded accordingly

HPUK should expect its people to:

• Take pride in working for HPUK
• Have understanding of and commitment to the aims of the Company
• Take responsibility for the quality of their work, personal development and career advancement
• Be innovative and embrace change
• Be sensitive and responsive to our customers’ needs
• Demonstrate respect and concern for fellow employees
• Strive to be the best through continuous development


• Managers will be courteous and approachable at all times, respecting and reacting to peoples needs
• Managers will be consistent and fair in everything that they say and do
• Managers will be responsible and accountable
• Managers will support individuals, the team and the company
• Managers will share information, always being open and honest
• Managers will at all times conduct themselves in a professional manner, act as ambassadors for the Company and as role models to their subordinates


• We will exceed our contractual obligations
• We will treat you in a courteous, helpful way
• We will identify ourselves to you so you know with whom you are dealing
• We will listen and take account of your views
• We will give you useful, understandable and accurate advice and information
• We will be fair in our dealings with you
• We will treat confidential information appropriately and with respect
• We will give you reasons for our decisions
• We will provide value for money

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